MSPP Podcast


At Mount St Patrick Primary School, we recognise the value of communication skills and the importance of developing them in our students. Podcasting is a medium that allows students to express themselves creatively, share their unique perspectives, and engage with a wider audience. In addition, creating podcasts involves a wide range of skills, such as writing, research, interviewing, editing, and public speaking.

The school podcast studio is equipped with professional-grade recording equipment, editing software, and training resources to ensure that students can produce high-quality podcasts. We envisage that, with guidance, students will have the freedom to choose their topics and formats, whether it be news, sports, culture, music, or any other topic that interests them.

The school podcast studio is not just a creative outlet for our students but also an opportunity for them to showcase their talents and perspectives to a broader audience. We plan to make the podcasts available on our school website and other online platforms, giving students a chance to share their work with the world.

We believe the school podcast studio will be a valuable addition to our school community, and we are excited to see the creative ideas and projects our students will produce.

We can be found on iTunes and Spotify.